1,500 Posts!

Look, everyone! Placenta Swanson and Placenta Snowman are here with an exciting message! As of a few days ago, the blog has surpassed 1,500 posts, and you guys know I can’t hit a milestone like that without sharing the news in a bloody special way. If you look closely, James even called his wife’s “organic life support” by its fancy Norwegian name, morkake, taking this milestone to Scandinavian heights. Kjemperflott!

It’s also appropriate that we celebrate this occasion today because tomorrow is the start of a brand new year. A year full of The Three P’s: Possibilities, Poop, and Placentas. A cutting of the cord, so to speak, especially considering the world didn’t end like it was supposed to (again). Here’sssssssssssssss to 1,500 more posts

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