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Hey guys! Here is the video for The TODAY Show segment from this morning! This day has been a mountain of crazy, and I’ll admit I’m a little overwhelmed trying to manage the responses, the “haters,” and all of the nice emails that keep coming in from people who have discovered the blog. I may feel slightly like I’m drowning right now, but I’m trying to doggy paddle my way to shore. I have so many post ideas lined up right now, but I can’t give them the attention they deserve until I get everything else sorted today. In the meantime, please enjoy the clip!

**Also, I’m prepping a post to answer some of the questions (and to respond to some of the criticism) related to the blog, who I am, and why I write this site. To all of you who just come here to read ridiculous stuff, I’m sorry for this “week of me.” I’m doing the best I can to get back to a place where I’m just posting overshare entertainment. If you’re not into “the B. show,” I totally get it. (“STFU, B.”) I’m working reeeeal hard to get some good posts up for ya soon!**

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