The ‘Feel Free To Delete Me’ Trend

Ever since exploded in popularity, I’ve been getting submissions about parents telling their friends to delete/unfriend/hide/unsubscribe from them if they don’t like seeing baby pics. Most of these updates are written by people who are put off by, usually to the point of seeing no humor in it at all, and there’s a handful of analogies thrown in about not wanting to see pictures of their friends’ vacations/tasty dinners/bikini bods, or updates about their drinking binges/fancy brunches/shopping sprees. It’s a little depressing, I think, because it’s not like was created out of malice. It’s not even a commentary on how smelly/loud/floppy babies can be, and it’s certainly not criticizing or speaking to any parents, pictures, or children in particular. Besides, since when did it become a contest between “parent pics” and “non-parent pics”? Can’t we all just Instagram the shit out of our lives and get along?

Based on the submissions I’ve received, I’m not so sure. So many parents consider the idea that their friends might not want to constantly see or hear about their kids as a searing insult. They’re probably the types who get mad when someone doesn’t smile or wave at their child, and they assume anyone who jokes about incessant baby photos on Facebook is a kid-hating, vacation-taking, brunch-eating, gym-going, well-rested assface. But in reality, most people just thought it was kind of funny to replace baby pics with pictures of bacon and puppies for a couple of weeks. No biggie. 

So with all that in mind, here are three examples of parents who have noooo problem with their friends deleting them. None whatsoever. Those baby picture-discriminating losers can just go right ahead and hit the old delete-a-rooni, because these moms aren’t changing what they post about for anyone. SO THERE!

Finally, someone speaks out on this painful subject. Parents ‘round the world are incapable of communication with their families outside of Facebook, and some people simply do not understand that. There’s also a real lack of sensitivity for struggling families who are faced with snarky status updates from their so-called “friends,” and it’s time parents lifted up their voices to say, “No more.”

Hear, hear, Blue! You made a BABY, and she just gets cuter every day. Anyone who’s not interested in seeing pictures of that daily growth should take a break from fixing their car or playing fantasy football and drop you as a friend asap. It’s the least they can do.

Apparently that little capitalization joke is between Kassandra and her former teacher (and Facebook friend), but I’m thinking Kathy is the one who needs the writing lesson. For the love of Vadgesty, can we please retire Mom’s and Dad’s as plural proper nouns words once and for all? That’s all that an enthusiastic teacher like Dave wants. 

Kassandra’s update is pretty smugly nicely phrased overall, but a few of the comments remind me of this recent Gold Star post. There’s got to be a happy medium between “constantly posting pics and talking about my kids" and "causing worry." How many times does a person have to post about her child on Facebook before her friends start calling child services? 

Before a person has a bay, she can’t even imagine how many albums and status updates she’s going to devote to that bay once it’s born. But after the bay is here it’s like, “Um, people who think they can tell each other when to post about their bays should seriously get over themselves.” Especially considering Facebook photo memorabilia is way cheaper than buyin throw away cameras or film, as people tend to do these days, so it’s not like the PICTURES and UPDATES are going anywhere anytime soon. I hope one day the person (Cherish’s baby’s father?) who Cherish is having drama with learns his lesson about love, and realizes that Cherish and her bay are sexy, and there’s nothing he can do about that. Except hit delete.

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