World Breastfeeding Week

This week on Mommyish, I wrote (or rather, updated) a list of breastfeeding etiquette tips in honor of World Breastfeeding Week. If you didn’t know it was World Breastfeeding Week (which, annoyingly, doesn’t line up with Shark Week this year), then surprise! It is. And for thousands of women on Facebook, that means two things: Gratuitous nursing pictures and a healthy dose of bragging and/or judging.

Arrr. It’d take at least 37 shots o’ rum for me to post a close-up of my child nursing on Facebook, but hey, to each her own! We all know there’s an endless debate about breastfeeding pics on the social network (really, the controversy never ends), so these pictures are nothing new, but World Breastfeeding Week definitely increases the chances you’ll see one this week (often as a profile pic, like Alice’s). It also increases the chances of this:

Jenny doesn’t come right out and say that she looks down on women who use formula, but her slightly sanctimonious status update does sound a bit preachy. Funny, since I thought World Breastfeeding Week was more about education than bragging — but there I go judging a judger! It’s a vicious cycle, people. Really it is. 

Personally, I prefer it when women truly go the distance to promote breastfeeding awareness. Screw this “I breastfed my baby for two years!”, “I breastfed my baby while white water rafting!” stuff. Forget about all of the Facebook groups and nonprofit organizations that are “trying to make a difference” with their campaigns. I’m talking about SERIOUS DEDICATION, like this:

You can’t say this woman isn’t committed to the pro-breastfeeding movement. No you cannot. Her love for nursing is inked right into her skin, for everyone to see, FORVER! If participating in breastfeeding awareness was a competition (and it totally is), this woman would definitely win a cruise to Aruba. 

That being said, D.’s breastfeeding tattoos seem pretty reasonable in comparison to this earthy mama and her friends:

Who doesn’t love labor? I think most women tend to rank it just above glitter and rainbows. 

I appreciate the way Stephanie’s comment got reconfigured at the end when it posted because it looks like poetry. Read it aloud as spoken word and you’ll really feel the power.

I’ve had "When Doves Cry" in my head ever since reading this submission last night. Also, I kind of think “The boobs know.” sounds like something an evil character might say forebodingly to the protagonist in a horror movie, but that’s probably just me. 

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