I’m having a hard time processing this submission for several reasons. For one thing, I’m grateful that at no time in my life has my mother knowingly referred to my odor as “gross rot.” That automatically makes me think of rotting teeth, rotting jack o’ lanterns, rotting road kill — pretty much anything that decays slowly and smells like the crud under your fingernails crossed with this. But that description aside, is this worth posting about on Facebook? It’s obviously overshare in the sense that it’s fucking disgusting, but I also sort of understand Vita’s compulsion to post the story because it’s so anomalous and bizarre.

Still, this isn’t like posting about a bird shitting on your head while you were sitting on a park bench. Band Aids are disgusting enough when they’re NOT crammed in the crevice of a child’s nose for five to six months, so I can’t imagine what this little girl’s face must have smelled like. It also sounds like it would be uncomfortable, but hey, what do I know? I’ve never had a rotting Band Aid inside my face for over a hundred days. Maybe the discomfort starts to become unnoticeable, or it’s overshadowed by the putrid smell. Regardless, I’m curious what you guys think about this woman’s decision to air her child’s dirty laundry nostrils on Facebook. Would you care if your friend shared this story, or would you just be like, “Holy shit. I’m stunned. I guess I’m just grateful that I haven’t ever lived with a human dumpster. Thank you?” 

(submitted by Anonymous)

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