Dads Week

In celebration of Father’s Day this coming weekend, today kicks off Dads Week on the blog! We simply don’t honor men and their big ol’ swinging penises enough around this joint, and this week I’m going to fix that. I will not censor myself to accommodate anyone’s sensitivities, so if a bunch of posts about fathers offends you, then get off this page! I wish you penis-haters the best of luck in your future endeavors. :) If you can’t take a perfectly hilarious joke about, say, a child’s reaction to his dad’s giant wang, then screw you! Who are you to say that it’s unacceptable to discuss a man’s pride and joy on Facebook? Maybe the problem is with you and not the people posting about such things. Maybe you were raised to believe that jokes about a father’s genitalia should be kept off the internet, but others weren’t! Did you ever think of that?

Tonya here is just relaying a harmless exchange between her sons and their dad for everyone to enjoy. There’s truly no greater feeling than a child acknowledging his father’s manly extremities, and Tonya is pleased to have a husband whose penis warrants such remarks. Hell, it’d be a crime not to share this hysterical story on Facebook! Who doesn’t want to scroll through their newsfeed and read a funny story about one of their friend’s husband’s XL penis? I know I do. Boys are so silly!

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