It’s unfortunate when a trend that’s already kind of messed up turns into an even weirder trend that I never saw coming. This isn’t a potty picture a la The Potty Factor, but the young boy pre-pubescent featured may as well be taking a dump as far as I’m concerned. He’s buck naked, eating what appears to be one of those flat Jolly Rancher stix, his “package” is covered by some other kind of package, and, God bless him, he’s giving his swollen ankle a good soak in a foot bath. All the makings for an incredibly awkward photo that I will never be able to scrub from my memory.

Aside from the obvious and perhaps Puritanical questions like, “Why is this kid hanging out around the house naked while his mom takes his picture?”, there is the even more obvious fact that this picture should not be posted on the internet, ever. But clearly none of that matters to Kellie, who I’d like to fling underwear at for sport, because really, what’s more important, getting a laugh online or protecting your son’s innocence? Cody looovvvves being naked LOL! It’s HILARIOUS! Everyone must see it to believe it! Just look at him, not giving a flying fuck that he’s naked as a jaybird and spending quality time with his mom and a foot bath. Why should Kellie keep such a funny day to herself when she could share it with the whole world? This is what Facebook is FOR, remember? Keeping friends and family up-to-date on the latest haps! Today, nudity, tomorrow, who knows? He’s a growing boy; he’s full of surprises!

(submitted by Anonymous)

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