Woe Is Mom

What’s the point in saying “unameit” (aka ‘you name it’) when you’ve already told the lawn maintenance dude to fuck himself after posting a photograph of his work truck on Facebook? What else is there to say? The guy is simply trying to do his job without being yelled at by a neighbor in the middle of the day. Why should that be so hard?

Yes, it sucks that this is the first shared nap time the boys have had in weeks and it’s been thwarted by outside noise - OF COURSE it sucks. But is it really worth screaming at the guy whose job it is to mow and trim grass for a living? He isn’t exactly in a position to “set his schedule,” if you will, so bitching isn’t going to change anything. Not to mention, it’s the middle of the day. How are people supposed to know how to adjust their work schedules to accommodate a mother’s preferences?

Jeez, people, you’re supposed to be working during the hours that Chastity is shopping! What is everyone doing right now anyway, other than shadowing Chastity’s every move like weird freaks who also enjoy parking close to store entrances and shopping in the afternoon? Chastity shouldn’t have to put up with that, OR stand in long lines with a crying baby, because she has specifically designed her life to move efficiently without others’ intrusion! Whose fault is it that her timing for this particular shopping trip backfired? Hers? I don’t think so. I swear, ppl suk so hard.

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