I’ve been grossed out by plenty of submissions, but for me, the grossest stuff always comes with a story. Context is everything. For instance, who remembers "pinches it off clean"? Or looking at this picture, reading the caption, and then realizing that none of the added ingredients are red? A scary-gross post is more than just an obvious photo of “surprise diarrhea” or placenta art; it’s all in the description.

"Ghost poop." A paragraph-long description of a “2 foot long perfect dookie.” “Colon-emptying joy.” Ew. I don’t want to read detailed descriptions about what goes into someone’s body, much less hear about what came out of your kid’s ass. I don’t want to know that it smelled like microwave popcorn, or that it looked like soft serve ice cream. I don’t want to read about it, and I sure as hell don’t want to see it. And for the love of god, parents, please stop telling your friends about cutting up your child’s shit. 

Ugh. I was going to make a bread and butter joke but just…ugh.

(submitted by Anonymous)

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