According to the submitter, Melinda is pregnant, which sort of explains Nicole’s comment. Or at least, it tangentially explains it. The rest of her comment, though, is the stuff pamphlets are made of. She’s like the Jehovah’s Witness of baby heart defects. I especially enjoy the “Hugs.” she added at the end, as if to say, “I’m here for you if your baby is born with a fucked up heart.” What better way to congratulate a friend on her brother’s engagement than by scaring the shit out of her with a rant about hypothetical health problems her baby could have? Way to go, Nicole! Approximately 0 in 1,000,000 people appreciate being WTFjacked on their Facebook wall!

The submitter and I exchanged multiple emails about this submission, but in the end, no questions were really answered. Here’s what that person had to say: “As far as I know, Nicole doesn’t live next to a sex offender, and I haven’t seen any other Facebook posts that are related at all. I did go back to check if the conversation had continued and noticed Nicole had unfriended Maya and deleted her comments. I just found the whole interaction so strange!”

Indeed, so do I! Especially since Maya isn’t exactly giving clinical social workers a good name here, which is a bummer since most social workers deserve a medal for what they deal with on a daily basis. The only medal Maya is worthy of is the kind presented to Outstanding MommyJackers Recognized for Excellence in Assholery. If Nicole needs a reality check, what does that mean Maya needs? A mom jeans wedgie? A T-shirt that says, “Proud to be a Level 3 offender mommyjacker”? BEWARE, people who don’t have kids and enjoy posting positivity adages on Facebook. You just might have a Maya living in your friends list.

*Side note* Yes, there are three different Nicoles in this post. Deal with it.

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