From Vanessa’s praise for her husband’s post-Porsche heroism to Emily’s smug-yet-sincere smiley face, I can’t help but picture these ladies sipping vodka tonic highballs in-between sympathetic nods to demonstrate that they feel each other’s “pain.” Oh, woe is the new generation of dads who must go on without their Porsches, BMWs, and Mustangs. Life is so hard sometimes. What’s next? The top shelf tequila? The beach house share? Anything but the Montecristo cigars, please! These dads can’t take it! Or rather, their wives can’t help but brag about their “cutting back” in order to be “superior” parents. Er, I mean “do great things for their kids.”

To that end, though, how awesome would it be if parenting really did start moving in a more frugal direction? ”We recently downsized our home because we don’t want little Maddalynn growing up as spoiled as her peers.” ”Oh, you sent Asher to a sleepaway camp in Barcelona for the summer? We opted to just let our son ride bikes with the other kids in the neighborhood. I read in Superior Parenting Magazine that “letting a kid just be a kid” between the ages of five and fourteen is essential to getting in the Ivy Leagues.” “I see you bought Bootsy a luxury playhouse! We thought about doing that, but then opted to donate the $25k to a homeless shelter in our daughter’s name. It just didn’t feel right to spend that much money on a playhouse. But I do love the Williams and Sonoma custom doormat you chose for Bootsy’s!”

Sigh. A girl can dream. In the meantime, I think it’s perfectly respectable to trade out a luxury sports car for a “family car.” I just think that discussing it on Facebook is a little - how do you say? - gauche.

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