Blog Birthday: STFU, Parents Turns 3

Hey guys! Guess what? My little blog baby’s all grows up! Today is STFUP’s third birthday, and I couldn’t be more proud. In three years this little angel has been the best friggin’ blog a girl could ever hope for, and I couldn’t have done it without all of your support. Thank you for stopping by for a daily dose of laughter and/or humility and/or nausea and/or intense rage. Braelyn Nevaeh and I are so happy that you do.

It’s been great spending three whole years sharing posts with you, and I hope to continue to do so for years to come. Special thanks to all the kind folks who send submissions my way. You guys are the best, and just to show my appreciation I included one of the alternate “birthday cards” after the jump. Hint: The one you see here is the “girl” version, and the one after ‘Read more here’ is the “boy” version”:

What a little pisser! Amirite? BOYS! I love the way this baby seems to be screaming, “WHYYYY, GOD??? WHYYYY????? At least take off the ankle bracelets!!!!!!”

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