Parents Protest on Facebook: Part II

Continuing with the series of round-ups related to the very active and somewhat crazy parent protest on Nick Jr.’s Facebook page, I present to you Part II, all about the range of reactions and emotions (and these barely skim the surface) that parents are experiencing as a result of Nick Jr.’s new programming format. Questions that may come up as you’re reading include:

Q1: Are these people serious?

A: Yes.

Q2: But some of these parents are acting like they solely rely on the television to teach their kids. Aren’t they?

A: Yes.

Q3: Well, that’s just dumb. And aren’t these the same parents who complain and say they don’t have time to hang out on Facebook because they’re so busy parenting? Except now they’re hanging out and complaining on Facebook about TV?

A: Yes.

OK! Now that that’s all cleared up, let’s take a closer look at some of the reactions:

1. Begging

2. Booing

3. Demanding

4. Exclaiming

5. Shouting

(Hmm, I wonder what would’ve been revealed if I’d clicked “See More”?)

6. Game Face Wearing

7. Haikus

8. Very Angry!!

9. Whining

10. Fond Farewells

11. Utterly Disgusted

12. Confusion

13. Idiocy 

14. Anguish

15. Corporate Frustration

16. Story Hour

17. Blissful Ignorance

18. Exploitative Sadness

Heartfelt Pleas™ using your children’s tears, FTW.

19. First World Problems

20. Mom’s (Lone) Gold Star 

Thankfully one mom has a sense of humor about this whole cartoon catastrophe.

Be sure to check in for Part III, wherein we get to know a few of the most vocal protestors. These people are more than just a mob on a mission; they’re individuals with real voices and real complaints that deserve Nick Jr.’s attention!!

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