Story Hour - PSYCHOTIC BITCH Edition

Well, it would appear that Joy isn’t living up to her name here. She’s managed to stun, impress and confuse me with her rant, but after reading it twice I can safely say that she’s feeling anything but joyful. If I had to sum up Joy in one word, it would probably be “murderous.” And over what exactly? We do not know. All we know is the person on the receiving end of this PSYCHOTIC BITCH’s rage is a dick-snot with a big fucking cocksucker [Ed. note: !!!]. And that Joy apparently uses Facebook as a way to communicate her raw emotions to the world. Why vent to someone when you can vent to everyone?

Besides, Joy isn’t expressing her anger in a vacuum; her voice represents MOTHERS everywhere. She’s just saying what every MOTHER has wanted to say to all the ‘douche bags’ who tell MOTHERS how to RAISE THEIR CHILDREN. Which is to shut their stupid cocksuckers, because MOTHERS are going to raise their kids however they see fit THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH! It’s like the MOTHERS are SHOUTING but the douche bags aren’t LISTENING. EVEN WHEN MOTHERS YELL, THE LOUDMOUTH COCKSUCKERS DON’T FUCKING LISTEN!

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