This week on Mommyish, I tackle The Great Breastfeeding Photo Debate on Facebook. It’s a lively, controversial and never-ending debate that finally broke me after I received upwards of three-hundred million emails about the nurse-ins planned or staged to take place this week (on Monday or Tuesday) outside of Facebook offices around the world. I also received this Boobie Beanie an equal number of times since it was posted a few days ago on Happy Place:

The funny thing about the Boobie Beanie is that I posted about them back in June 2010 after a reader tipped me off, and then the owner of the site emailed to ask me to update the link. She’d gotten some traffic from STFUP, and for a second I got to experience what it must feel like to be April from Regretsy, who often sends Etsy sellers traffic (and ideally business) from her blog. Glorious!

But the point is, my inbox has been overflowing with breastfeeding articles and submissions lately, so I figured I’d lend my voice to the sea of other voices talking about this incredibly unimportant - yet also extremely important - issue. Before you read it, though, here are a few things I don’t discuss in the Mommyish article: 

- The covering up versus letting it all hang out versus using one’s breast as a Super Soaker debate.

- The always-lame argument that there’s no reason women shouldn’t be able to “flash” Facebook while feeding their babies considering plenty of other women and especially young girls post pictures of themselves wearing skin-tight, low-cut shirts or bikinis all the time. Those trollops! Such injustice! 

- The number of pictures I receive of a woman’s packaged/stored and pumped breast milk. It’s a lot, which tells me that breastfeeding women are both very proud of their hard work and seemingly unaware at how “black market” it all seems to a stranger like me.

Sorry for the teeny text. All you need to know is, “Mommy milk machine is a beast!” I’m assuming that’s Ellen’s husband taking inventory, but it could be anyone, really. Maybe a neighbor from up the street who expressed an interest in some tea creamer or milk for his cats? And does he know he can turn that hat into a make-shift Boobie Beanie?

Head over to Mommyish to read my column, which may or may not put you to sleep, much like breast milk and The Great Breastfeeding Photo Debate in general.

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**Update** Why stop at breastfeeding photos when placentas are a part of the birth process and are not offensive?!! Tell Mark Zuckerberg that he can EAT ITliterally!

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