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2011 End-of-Year Listicle // Year-in-Review

Here she is, everyone. My “baby.” For the third year running, I’ve compiled a list of the funniest, grossest and most confusing posts of the year. And oh, what a year it was. 2011 was so packed with wonders and delights that the “Year-in-Review” portion is triple the crazy of last year’s, with a comprehensive breakdown of trends, awards, fun facts and favorite subjects from the last 12 months. Thank you as always to those who have contributed submissions to the blog, for without you and your crazy friends, this site would not exist!

Now, let’s relive the year’s most precious memories…

Top 20 STFU, Parents Posts of 2011 

20. Woe is Mom - Autumn Edition

19. Obviously Not a Mom

18. Leaderjacking - Girl Scouts

17. Placenta as Art

16. Story Hour - 15 MONTHS OLD

15. No Rum!!!

14. Our Kids are Awesome - Odin Edition

13. Woe is Mom - Toile Fabric Edition

12. Screaming Babies in Restaurants

11. Tease & Reveal - Emme

10. Mama Drama - Suggestions/Advise

9. MommyJacking - Don’t Be So Modest


7. Intactivists

6. MommyJacking - D-Day Edition

5Baby Mama Drama: DNA Test

4. Fright Fest - Freaky Tattoos

3. In Anticipation Of The Big Day (Related: Plans)

2. Poop Skating


++ BONUS “Fun Facts, Awards & Trends” Year-in-Review ++

*Posts with the most comments: It’s a ChoiceStarbucks and Ethical Vaccines

*Most Controversial Posts: Birth DollWalmart GreeterRIP Steve Jobs, and It’s Official

*Douchiest Dads: House Explosion and Douche Alert

*Top 3 Round-Ups: Boy PartsBirthdays Trend Report and My Kid Is Awesome 

*Top 3 Moms Gold Star Winners: Victory DinnerKatherine as Gollum and Sweet Whispers

*Top 3 Posts Filled With Anger & Violence: DadzillaDirty Looks and Yo Gabba Gabba Vandalism

*BirthdayJacking Trend: Logan’s DayHappy Birthday GrandmaOne-Two Punch and September 11th

*Most Depressing DeathJackings: RIP JustinRIP Cindy and All Dogs Go To Heaven

*2011 was the Year of the Documom. Standouts include Strep Yet AgainDocumoms Round-Up and Fright Fest: Documoms Edition. Surgical “favorites” include Mommies Boo BooE.’s Appendix and Mackenzie’s Cervix.

*2011 was also a CRAZY Year of Poop. Insane posts include Pull a PoopGinsu KnifePoop Rocks + Dump TruckRectal ProlapsePoostacheCovered in Poop,P-O-O-PSunoco Poop 

*Most Discussed Dead Guy: Osama bin Laden (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

*Most Discussed Subject: Motherhood (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII)

*Last but not least, Sanctimommy wins Best New Category with classics like VocabularyKIDS IN THE COMMUNITYPrague and Starbucks.

2011 has been chock full of awesome stuff on the blog like a colorful redesign, packaged posts, a finalist nod in the Shorty Awards, contributions to The Hairpin and a regular column on Mommyish. I spoke at a conference and a storytelling night (both of which were terrifying experiences), and I especially enjoyed being a guest on The Mike & Judy Show.

Together we all survived Fright Fest, drooled over Selfish Bitch Cupcakes, passed the 1000th post mark, and engaged in infuriating and exhausting debates on the Facebook page. Suffice it to say, it’s been a fun year. 

I’ve got a bunch of things lined up for 2012, including some exciting surprises, the blog’s third birthday, and an ID reveal (!), so I hope you’ll continue to join me in exploring the annals of parent overshare. Thanks so much for reading!

- B.

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