Fright Fest 2011: Birth Pics Edition

We’re nearing the end of Fright Fest (just one more post to go!), so I wanted to treat you guys to one last terrifying round-up. You could call it a very special delivery, if you’re as corny as I am. It only seemed appropriate that we end things in the same place where parent overshare often begins: the delivery room. 

Take K-Fed Asher, here. I gave him a sideways cap and a pair of aviators but he’s still pretty scary-looking. Jason couldn’t help but honestly voice his reaction to such an unexpected picture, and really, can you blame him? This baby looks like Carol Anne after she falls through the bathroom ceiling at the end of "Poltergeist."

I wonder how many people commented on J.’s hair before someone was finally like, “Um, holy shit, look at that sausage link of an umbilical cord!” 

Not that this post-cut cord picture is much better:

This baby’s entire body is as red and shiny as his swollen nutsack. Jenny couldn’t have waited a bit for his skin to adjust to a normal color before exposing him (in every way) on Facebook? He looks like Surprise Kitty, except horror-struck. 

Then there’s this POV photo:

When your friend posts not one, but FOUR frowny faces in a single comment on one of your birth pictures, you know you’ve posted way too much information.

That goes for all social networking sites, by the way, and not just Facebook.

This photo was posted to Pinterest, the “online pinboard where you organize and share things you love.” Typically on Pinterest people pin pictures of stuff like repurposed furniture or pretty flower arrangements, but this user’s digital pinboard includes a picture of a breech home birth.

I don’t what’s worse, a black & white ass-shot of a baby exiting its mother’s hoo-ha feet-first, or the "classic" crowing shot:

Can we all take note that this album is called “Zoe is 4 :)”? This is Carly’s version of taking a trip down memory lane, four years later, and I have say, her “who HASN’T seen my vag… :D” joke makes it a hundred times worse. It’s like she’s slapping her friends in the face when they least expect it as they go through the “Zoe is 4 :)” album in good faith. There’s something sick about duping your friends into seeing your gaping vagina when they think they’re just looking through innocent pictures of your four-year-old on her birthday. It’s wrong. Very wrong. Find another way to celebrate!

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