Fright Fest 2011: Stretch Marks Edition

It seems fitting (so to speak) that I’ve received this viral BIRTHMARKS submission from multiple people in the past few days. It IS almost Halloween, and while the sweet sentiment of this poetic dedication to stretch marks is not lost on me (or the thousands of moms sharing it on Facebook), I think we can all agree that the image chosen is, well, boldly going where no stretch marks dedication has gone before. 

Not that I think it’s OK for society to make mothers feel ugly for their post-baby bodies, but how exactly is this image going to change my mind about stretch marks? It sort of looks like an “edgy” advertisement for low cut jeans, with a belly ring and stretch marks thrown in to appeal to young moms. What’s next? An homage to cellulite? A series of photos depicting pre- and post-baby vaginas? As a woman who intends on having kids one day, I know what I’m getting myself into, much like my ass knows what it’s getting itself into when I eat a slice of cheesecake. Can’t we all resign ourselves to these things without exalting our tortured bodies or making a bunch of jokes about them on Facebook? Can’t we keep certain things private, just “because”??

Not if Rhiannon has anything to say about it!

HA HA HA extra skin. Awwwww and ewwwww. The saggy skin saga continues. How very circle of life. LOL!!

**UPDATE** The creator of the BIRTHMARKS image and poem, Cassie Fox, has written an explanatory public note on Facebook that can be found here.

(submitted by Anonymous)

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