DaddyJacking: Amy Winehouse Edition

This submission is an article comment on this story about Amy Winehouse’s death. Normally I don’t post article comments on the blog, but after reading the submitter’s email description, which simply said, "What kind of fuckery is this?", I knew it would be worth the read. And I was not disappointed.

This douchebag has gone out of his way to leave a note on a city newspaper website wherein he compares an internationally-renowned singer to his wife, who “dedicates her life to her children.” Basically his comment says, “Women belong at home, teaching their children to be virtuous, and anything else is of little significance. Critically acclaimed music?! PSHAW! Women should manage a goddamn home, clean the toilets, make dinner for their husbands and teach the kids how to count. Now THAT’S an accomplishment!”

On behalf of Amy Winehouse, I’d like to ask “Gaboon Viper” and the people who liked his comment to take the giant sticks out of their asses arses and stop relating a basic understanding of mathematics to winning several Grammys. Not that I think the Grammys mean much - considering these guys have won six - but come on. You don’t need raw talent to teach someone how to add and subtract. And something tells me “Gaboon’s” wife actually likes that Amy Winehouse album.

(submitted by Anonymous)

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