Fourth of July: Fireworks Edition

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… (unless unlike me you actually have a life and aren’t working on a holiday, or you’re from another part of the world): The STFUP Fourth of July Fireworks Explode-a-Ganza! (Yes, I came up with that all on my own.)

You see, every year I get like 50 submissions wherein parents exhibit their displeasure with loud fireworks in their neighborhood because they’re afraid their babies will be awakened, and every year when I post a few of those submissions there’s a mixed response in the comments sections. Half of you think the parents are being silly because the Fourth of July only comes around once a year and fireworks are to-be-expected, and the other half of you think that parents are within their rights to complain because fireworks are obnoxiously loud and the people who tend to set them off past “appropriate celebration hours” are equally obnoxious. 

While I agree the use of fireworks falls into a bit of a grey area, there’s no disputing that the annual string of predictable parent complaints is amusing. How many times can someone make the observation that fireworks are loud? (Answer: many times!) My favorite part is the mixed bag of reactions.

There’s the Woe Is Mom:

…and the Woe Is Dad:

There’s the Angry 911-Caller

…and the Crabby Old Neighbor Lady

(Hint: If you’re a Crabby Old Neighbor Lady, don’t assume your friends will sympathize with you, because they’re not all old and crabby yet.)

Finally, there’s the So Angry That She’s Slurring Lady:

Good times. The fun train and Angela are like THIS

Happy 4th of July, everyone!!!

(submitted by Anonymous)

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