Proud Daddy Says Size Is Everything

Here lies a stinky reminder that Fright Fest 2013 begins one month from today. In just one month, the scents that waft through my inbox and the wonders from which they derive will be explored and on display once again in the migraine-inducing period that leads up to Halloween. Like a deep sea fishing trip, you never know what you’re gonna get during this special time on the blog.

Last year, for instance, we were introduced to Crystal, her newborn baby, and a large bowl bearing her bloody placenta in the first ever lotus birth post on the blog. I’m not saying that I’m breaking my arm patting myself on the back for that, but it was pret-ty magical and an experience not easily forgotten. This year, who knows what colorful delights we may encounter? One thing is for sure: The submissions will be spectacular. Assuming, of course, that you qualify “spectacular” with pictures of bodily goo, disposable diapers, and a front seat to a stranger’s labor and delivery.

But before we get into all that, let’s talk index fingers. Namely, Lui’s index finger, which just so happens to be about the same height and diameter as his daughter’s #massive #turd. He’s one #prouddaddy, and he wanted to show off that #caca on his Instagram page because, well, did you SEE his little girl’s #shit??! It’s perfect! It’s healthy! And it absolutely had to be shared. I’m sure Lui’s friends were all excited to scroll past the boring and predictable pictures of sunsets, puppies, and manicures to arrive at this #prouddaddy moment. Lui’s daughter’s #shit is #1! #Hashtag #Feces!


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