MommyJacking Round-Up: Non-Sequitur Edition, Part II

Last week on Mommyish, I posted a column about non-sequiturjacking, which is a subject I’ve previously dedicated a round-up to on the blog. As mentioned, I can’t get enough of non-sequiturjackings because they make NO sense whatsoever or so little sense that it’s nearly impossible to resist their comedic charms — depending on your definition of “charms,” of course. If a submission comes my way and doesn’t include a picture of poop stuck to a child’s head, smeared on a child’s face, or sitting on a neon green stool, that automatically gives it appeal. But when a submission genuinely makes me laugh or say “What the ever-loving fuck?” out loud, then I can’t help but acknowledge its pizzazz. Especially when the non-sequiturjackers are so clueless or motivated by self-interest that they sound like squawking chickens. Here are some of my favorite recent examples of this most delightful form of mommyjacking:

1. Good Neighbors


Ummmm, Nicole? If you’re yelling at your kids to the point of neighbors calling the police, that probably means you have good neighbors. And if they don’t put a password on their wifi, that means that they’re exceptional neighbors, not that that has anything to do with your strange comment.

2. Vote Once a Day

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if Landen was really too cute to lose, he would win. Plus, everybody knows that the Gerber Generation Photo Search is THE baby contest of all baby contests, putting Landen’s chances at around 1 in 300,000. So, good luck I guess? I’m assuming Autumn didn’t drum up much support by hijacking Julie’s status update about spay and neutering animals. Not everyone can talk passionately about spay and neutering animals and still show an appreciation for vanity like Bob Barker.

3. Patience Cervix Is Thinning


Damn, Shelby, you’ve still got 13 days left and you’re already mommyjacking about your labor? Yeesh. Sorry girl, but no one cares about your thinning cervix right now. Danielle is sending out an SOS because she’s so busy, and you can’t even be bothered to spell “dilated” correctly? I hope by Day 13 you’ve at least figured that one out. It would also be helpful if you stopped talking about your thinning cervix on Facebook, but, you know…baby steps.

4. Big Talk


I’m sorry, what? Is K. related to Ann? And can a “heart attract” now officially be defined as what happens when you come home from a run and find a kid stabbing a snake with a knife? As in, “I’d love to join you for dinner, but unfortunately I’m still recovering from my earlier heart attract and scraping snake guts off my patio.”

5. Robojacker


I love everything about this submission, from “pac sun” (aka the most popular Stüssy mall retailer in the ’90s), to “firts job,” to Cory’s comment that could *technically* be in response to both Steph and Ana and perhaps was intended to be? Is there a reason Ana sounds like a bot? Is she human? I feel like this thread is one comment away from being about energy supplements. And that is definitely weird. 

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