Tease & Reveal: 2nd Annual Birthday Week Edition


As mentioned a couple of days ago, we’re entering Birthday Week, which is a whole week dedicated to the ridiculous birthday-related submissions I receive throughout the year. Last year’s inaugural celebration coincided with my 30th birthday, but this year, since I turned 31 and am getting decrepit, I’m starting the party a little late. Kinda setting a precedent for my reaction toward birthdays from here on out. BUT, that doesn’t diminish from my enthusiasm toward Birthday Week on the blog. I am excited — very excited — to share this year’s many gifts. First up, the official 2nd Annual Birthday Week cake!

This cake is delicious, which you can probably tell just by looking at it, but there’s a special reason that it’s so tasty:


OK, OK — maybe Desiree should’ve used fresh breast milk rather than frozen milk, but hey, the boobie milk birthday cake was still absolutely delicious! Well, the icing anyway. And all that matters is that little Lily loved it as much as Desiree enjoyed baking and gloating about it. Yummy!

Stay tuned for a whole week’s worth of birthday-themed merriment. The party bus has left the station, so be sure to strap yourself in for an unforgettable amusing ride!

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