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2012 End-of-Year Listicle // Year-in-Review

I can’t believe this is the fourth year running (!) of this list, but here it goes: The best - and worst - of the blog in 2012. Going through this year’s posts was really fun and reminded me of everything that we’ve shared together — bath poop, walrus snot, mompetitions, and all. There were so many amusing highlights and repulsive lows, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the readers, contributors, and commenters who make this site an entertaining and absurd place to be.

Now without further delay, let’s revisit some of this year’s standout posts:

Top 20 STFU, Parents Posts of 2012 

20. The ‘Feel Free to Delete Me’ Trend

19. Mama Drama - Asses On Blast Edition

18. Eaters of Food: BEWARE

17. Woe is Mom - Work Schedules Edition

16. P.O.B. - “No Kids Allowed” Edition

15. When Moms Say Too Much

14. Parents Protest - IIIIII (Related: Caillou)

13. A Little Acknowledgement, People

12. MommyJacking - Have a Kid! Edition 

11. Poop in His Hair

10. Adult Store Dilemma

9. Car Seat Crusader

8. Birthday Week - Guilt Trips, Part II 

7. Mom Sorority

6. Mommy’s Vagina > Baby Memphis

5. Whining and Moaning “Baby Haters”

4. Cleveland, We Have a Problem

3. Tease & Reveal - Preg Edition

2. Sanctimommy - QUIET Rest Stop Rule

1. Allow Me To Introduce You To Brenda 

++ BONUS “Fun Facts, Awards & Trends” Year-in-Review ++

*Posts with the most comments: Whining and Moaning “Baby HatersCar Seat Crusader, and Let’s Talk About…Baby Names

*Posts with the most shares: Allow Me To Introduce You To Brenda, QUIET Rest Stop Rule, and Back-To-School

*Most Controversial Posts: Circumcision On Social MediaPeople are Asssholes / Crushing Children’s SpiritsNuggets, Shakes, & Babyccinos, and Pregnancy and Alcohol 

*New Subcategories of MommyJacking: Shamejacking, Milestonejacking, WTFjacking, and One-Upping

*2012 was another frightening Year of Poop: CheeseclothPoop Down the LegPoop SoupFlushing Out Some FilesGhost PoopButter Chickenand Diaper Bomb

*Somewhat Memorable Strolls Down Memory Lane: 2 Years Ago TodayLabor MemoriesChocolate Starfish, and Misty Fluid-Covered Memories

*Best Tease & Reveal Posts: I PregLego HeadClever CakeSnake Edition, and Cranberry Sauce

*Top 3 Mom’s Gold Star Winners: Swingy Dong, Bourbon and Cigarettes, and Preach it, Dawn

*Most Fucked Up: The Potty Factor / Not Getting DressedPaxton’s Weekly BirthdaysDeadbeat DadsKadence’s Rash, and Sexualizing Kids Online

*Most Disgusting: Placenta ProfileSnot Edition, and Cranberry Sauce

*Top 3 Round-Ups: Breastfeeding Photo Debate, Birth Pics, and Stuff Parents Can’t Do

*2012 was the Year of the Angry Parent, with posts like thisthis, and SERVED YOU RIGHT!

*2012 was also a big year for Sex Talk. Undesirable posts include Valentine’s DayMaking a BabyDoggy StyleSex TalkMother’s Day, and Sexy Time

*Biggest Douchebags: Cancer vs PreeclampsiaYuppie Drama, and Dear Horrible Waitress

*Worst Dependence Problems - Sanctimommy - Vacation Edition and "Attachment Parenting" 

2012 was kinda crazy up in hurr. STFUP celebrated its 3rd birthdayeye won a Cribsie, and the blog was a finalist in the Shorty Awards for the second year. We all collectively shook our heads through Birthday Week, cringed through Fright Fest, and somehow made it to 1,500 posts. We also celebrated the Olympics, survived the Presidential Election, mourned after the Colorado and Newtown mass shootings, and witnessed the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I continued to write my weekly column on Mommyish, and this week’s was the 85th column!

The blog was snubbed by The New York Times, I announced my identity and wrote the STFU, Parents book that comes out on April 2nd. I wrote My Childless Blog Manifesto, "targeted proud parents,"  went on The TODAY Show and Ricki Lake, and was in The New York Post and on GMA. It was surreal and a little scary, but mostly a good time. 

2013 is going to be awesome, and not just because the book is coming out. I have a bunch of ideas and “good vibes” about things to come, so I hope you’ll join me in my overshare quest! Until then, thanks very much to the longtime readers, recent readers, emailers, Facebook page fans, and Twitter folks. Cheers to 2013 — and to even more ridiculousness in the New Year!


- B.

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