Thanksgiving ‘12 - Round-Up!

For my final Thanksgiving 2012 installment, I put together a short round-up of what some parents were posting about on Facebook this year. Unfortunately, there was no Porn Gravy (though we did have some delicious Cranberry Sauce), but I still thought several of the submissions were worth posting. After all, Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, and my inbox was stuffed. Here are a few subjects that parents carved out time to discuss this holiday:

1. Poop

Let’s face it, poop is worth mentioning on every holiday. No matter what we’re celebrating - Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, even Pearl Harbor Day - poop joins us here on the blog. Happy Thanksgiving to Mommy and Happy Thanksgiving to us! 

Y’all know how it is on Turkey Day. You eat a lot of food, and then you poop like a boss with a magazine in hand. If you’re doing Thanksgiving right, that is. This little girl is living the American Dream.

2. Thankfulness

"30 Days Of Being Thankful" is A Thing on Facebook this year, so everywhere you turn, people are posting about stuff they’re thankful for. You know, like friends, family, breast milk production…they’re all worth commemorating, ideally with photos. :o)

And I am thankful for Joe. And the near-end of November. As much as I enjoy knowing that my friends are grateful for so much, I don’t necessarily need a daily update about such things. I mean, I’m grateful for stuff, too (my health, my family, really good sandwiches), but I don’t assume my friends should be informed of every single thing. Also, Christie, cool it with sancti-nthusiasm. BJ was just making a half-serious post-baby joke.

3. Mama Drama

I can safely say that in spite of being sick, I still had a better holiday than Vaughn did. Hell, I hope we all did. This is some real dramz for your mamz. Bitches these days, amirite? Full of fakeness and dishonorable weakness. CLEARLY Vaughn was just TAH-RYING to have a nice Thanksgiving with his kids at an undisclosed location. But then *someone* had to come along and press his REAL & LOYAL friends for private information like his personal address and whatnot, and then boom, the police are involved. But guess what? Now KARMA is involved. So it looks like Christmas is going to be something special. ;)

I can’t wait.

cutting tree smiley

(submitted by Anonymous)

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