Thanksgiving ‘12 - Mom’s Gold Star Edition

This week on Mommyish, I put aside the snark for a minute to celebrate the Facebook parents that I’m thankful for — Gold Star winners. I get a LOT of Mom’s Gold Star submissions, and I think that’s awesome. So many people want to nominate their friends for the award, and while I don’t always agree that the person deserves a totally phony accolade I invented Gold Star, I do always appreciate the good intentions. 

One of my favorite posters in my personal newsfeed is my friend Claire, who posted the above picture yesterday after Thanksgiving dinner. I love the way her husband and baby are both totally splayed out on their respective beds, as if lying any closer together would be nearly claustrophobic. They needed that space between them after a big holiday meal. I thought it would be fitting, so to speak, for my post-Thanksgiving Gold Star. Thanks, Claire, for letting me post this here, and to check out several more Gold Stars head over to Mommyish to read my column

(submitted by Anonymous)

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