Thanksgiving ‘12: Cranberry Sauce

This is one of those pictures that’s just plain unappetizing. First off, it does resemble cranberry sauce - sort of a cross between the jelly mold above and a giant leech - and secondly, it’s sitting in an adult diaper (aka giant maxi-pad) because this poster just gave birth. According to the submitter, “My friend always mocked the parents who ‘overshared’ in relation to parenting and labour… she gave birth last night and barely 24hrs later she is oversharing already… ready for some gross post-labour clots? I tried to train her into NOT telling too much, unfortunately it hasn’t worked…”

Oh dear. Something must have escaped this new mom along with a leech-y blob of “cranberry sauce” — her sense of dignity. Taking a picture of bloody, solid-y discharge is already pretty odd, but posting it online on Thanksgiving with a joke about a slightly sour-tasting holiday jelly is beyond decorous. Think I’m exaggerating? Just check it out for yourself:

might need a t-shirt that says “Baby daddy says I brought the cranberry sauce!” because it sounds like a hip new expression that means, “I am the muthafuckin’ shit,” or perhaps a modified “Girlfriend got it going ON!,” but that doesn’t mean that I approve of this lady’s Facebook message. That “cranberry sauce” is shiny, bloody, thick, and disgusting — and it’s sitting in an adult diaper. If I were in a courtroom, I would slam down my hand and yell, “I REST MY CASE!” Let’s hope this woman’s posting trend won’t continue (although I think we can all agree that it probably will.) 


(submitted by Anonymous)

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