Election Day: Voting vs. Babies

On Tuesday, just about everyone was buzzing about the presidential election. There was a lot on the line for both parties, not to mention the fact that this was the most expensive election on record. And yet, even amidst all the voter line drama and concerns for who would win, several parents were distracted by their adorable and accomplished children. Below, I’ve compiled the best examples that illustrate that while voting day was important and exciting, so were some other, less recognized events that took place at the same time. 

1. Monthly Milestones

For a quarterly birthday celebration, balloons get blown up 25% of the way, the Happy Birthday song gets cut off after the first line, and you receive a slight discount on an otherwise free birthday brownie sundae at Chili’s. It’s almost as important as a presidential election. :)

2. Potty Milestones

Aaaaand now I’m picturing Chad standing over the toilet with tears streaming down his face. Elections and potty training both take years to work up to, and if they happen to coincide, you bet your ass pee pee on the potty is going to win out over some silly election. Obama already won the presidency four years ago; Lilly has only been a potty queen for a DAY. 

3. Development Milestones

Yay Ayden, inching his way toward becoming a contributing member of society! This is amazing!!! 9:01…8:51…heck, who cares? Ayden can roll over and will soon be able to play fetch!!!!

4. Poop In The Bath

Things I don’t want to read about on election night or any night:

Is that really so much to ask? Apparently it is.

PS: “Election Tuesdays With Morry"  … It had to be said.

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