Woe Is Mom - DST Round-Up

Because this is a topic I’ve covered several times now, I’m going to open with what I wrote a year ago, followed by this weekend’s submissions:

Every 6 months or so, we all participate in the archaic act of resetting our clocks for some such farming business. And every time we do that, the parents of the world get on Facebook to complain. I do understand it; this isn’t one of those times where I’m harshly judging the Woe Is Mom quotient. Rather, I feel like a documentarian of sorts. The pattern is undeniable, and because it continues to happen over and over again, all I can do is laugh and share the submissions I receive with you guys. 

And thus, it has been said: Abolish Daylight Saving Time! Do away with this oppression! Children are crying, parents are tired, and only like 6% of the population are farmers! Time is a human construct! GAHHHHHH.

Wait, so first it’s, “Screw you, DST,” and now it’s, “Screw you, everyone who doesn’t have kids”? Yes, it’s true that many people who don’t have kids are excited about DST (I guess), but I can’t figure out if Blue here is being sarcastic or just plain passive-aggressive. She sounds like she’s typing in purgatory.

OOOKKKAAYYY, we get it. Whoever oversees that dagnabbit Daylight Saving business so OBVIOUSLY doesn’t have kids. The official SVP of DST has terrible managerial skills and should be fired! Also, the "obviously doesn’t have kids" joke needs to die because it’s not very funny. :(

No, Pamela, you are not the only person who says that. Stupid, silly traditions. Kids just do. not. get. it. Of course, it might make sense to try putting the kids to bed at a slightly different time in the nights leading up to DST so they can better adjust to the time shift, but now I’m just talking “fantasy” talk. WTF do I know about kids and DST? I’m too busy sleeping in because I don’t have children.

Sure, having kids is the best experience of a person’s life, but it’s also the worst experience. Otherwise, parents wouldn’t mommyjack updates about DST every six months.

Poor Yellow. Her kids are going to wake her ass up and annoy the living crap out of her at 5:15AM while Purple snoozes. At least mommyjacking her friend’s update gave her a small amount of satisfaction. After all, it feels so good to complain about the same damn thing every six months, and that’s really what Daylight Saving Time is all about. I’m already excited for next March.

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