Fright Fest ‘12 - Tease & Reveal: Kadence’s Rash Edition

Like I said in the last documom round-up, I understand that some parents post pictures of their kids’ infections and ailments on Facebook to crowdsource for (hypothetical) diagnoses and solutions (and/or avoid a trip to the doctor). It’s become a common practice that I’ve seen in my own newsfeed, and several parents have said that they don’t consider it overshare because the motivations stem from concern for a child’s well-being. They maintain that they post pictures purely for the sake of helping the sick child, to which I say: Ah. You must not have seen Kadence’s rash. 

Kadence’s rash is one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever laid eyes on, partly because she’s broken out worse than a teenager on crystal meth, and partly because I cannot believe the picture was posted on Facebook (or on the internet at all). This photo serves no purpose except to justify Amanda’s concerns and complaints, and she’s totally exploiting her baby’s bleeding ass for personal attention. It’s gross, wrong, and precisely the reason that I can’t sympathize with the documom mindset. 

You guys can’t see what’s under that fireball, but let me tell you, there are some serious ass blisters and a painful-looking explosion of raw skin. Just looking at Kadence’s rash makes my heart feel like it’s been soaking in battery acid, and funnily enough, someone else felt the same way and got the photo removed. (Imagine that, asking Facebook to take down a picture of a baby’s ass covered in fiery red lesions!) You’d think after the picture’s removal, Amanda would pause and ask herself why she posted such a thing in the first place, but instead she wrote this:

A pathetic mother was jealous of Kadence’s wildly irritated diaper rash. Right. That’s excellent logic. Kind of like how I’m jealous that Lynsey knew just the right time to drop “really…like really lol.” All “babys” get rashes, no doubt, but these women are completely missing the point, and that scares me almost as much as the people who think Halloween is for the devil. If you suspect that someone is going to “report” the images that you posted online of your children, you’re probably not using the internet correctly. Amanda, I am talking to you. SORRY GIRL.

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