Fright Fest ‘12 - Snot Edition

Ah, yes, Blue, I’d have to agree with that assessment! A good snot bubble will always qualify as being worthy of this blog. Heaven help the day that I look at a picture of a snot bubble, roll my eyes, and say, “This again? Next!” But that said, I’ve noticed that mucus blog posts are very hit or miss. Some people say, “Oh come on, it’s just snot!” and have no problem whatsoever, while others say, “Poop, placentas, and vomit I can handle. But snot? I think I’m going to be sick.”

And it’s to those people I’m really speaking with this post. The former are a bunch of folks who will never, ever find mucus revolting. They are but the lucky few who are unfazed by gooey “strings” that hang off children’s noses. But the latter is a group that I’ve been anticipating grossing out with the following picture for months. Never have I wanted to hand a tissue to a stranger more than when I look at this submission. 

My stomach trembled when I first saw this picture. What kind of monster - excuse me, mother - captures such a viscous nightmare with her phone and then posts it online??? If I saw this while scrolling through my newsfeed, I would calmly shut down my computer, walk to the nearest bar, order two shots of tequila, and ask the bartender to slap me across the face. Also, Melanie took two words, “to see,” and merged them into one word, “2c,” which is actually the opposite of progress.

Get your daughter a tissue, Melanie. She said she wanted to see her snot in the mirror, not on the internet.  

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(submitted by Anonymous)

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