Fright Fest ‘12 - Vomit Edition

Fright Fest may be slightly getting to my head, considering I just carefully studied the barf falling out of this kid’s mouth and breezily asked my boyfriend, “What do you think that is? Applesauce?” Suffice it to say, we’re nearing the final stretch of this three-week tour of doodie — and yet some of the grossest posts are still to come. We’re mid-barf, so to speak, which is something young Dexter can certainly relate to. Although, I think most of us know what it’s like to “enjoy” a birthday/New Year’s Eve/the average Monday night a little too much. We’re just not all fortunate enough to have our casual “enjoyment” captured by our mothers and posted on Facebook. 

Speaking of which, did you guys know that Jasmine’s princess power-chucked?

Yep. Nice and sloppy, right there on the floor. Without the filter, I’d describe the color of this vomit as “lint gray,” which is actually very cat-like, but as far as I know Jasmine’s princess is of the human variety. And goodness, is she one heck of a power-chucker. You think your kid can vomit like Jasmine’s can? Well, you’re wrong. She can’t. There can only be one Princess Power-Chucker, and you’re looking at her. Or, some of her. About a tablespoon or two. Ew.

(submitted by Anonymous)

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