Fright Fest ‘12 - Tease & Reveal: Clever Cake Edition

I’m not going to sugarcoat this post. (Heh.) It’s one of those “birth cakes” that people have been making in recent years, and I’m sure many of you have probably seen one before. I say “seen” because I don’t know how many people actually eat cakes that are shaped like a woman giving birth or are perfectly sculpted into a realistic-looking baby (or a baby’s butt and/or feet).  But whether you’ve seen or eaten one of these cakes before is beside the point. The point is, while they’ve long been trendy (and featured on sites like Cake Wrecks), this particular cake really grossed me out. It came to me from a new reader who, upon discovering the blog, knew that s/he needed to go back and find this cake posted by Shianna back in 2010 to submit. And after checking it out, I quickly understood why.

No, it’s not a "placenta cake," or anything especially out of the ordinary, but it still killed my appetite. Shianna’s status update/photo caption says it all. Very, very clever indeed…

Here’s the cake in its (her?) entirety, all frosted and nipple-y and mid-delivery. She’s got some lovely feminine touches, such as her custom necklace and her sprinkle pubes, and just look at the head of "hair" on that baby! I hope you guys are also taking notice of the ingenious use of jam that Matt invented. 

Here, let me show you a closer look so you don’t miss it. 

Mmmmm. Bloody jam with a crowning baby head dipped in icing and sprinkles. Someone hand me a fork!

 eating 1 smiley

(submitted by Anonymous)

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