"Blogger targets proud parents"

Don’t worry, guys, this is just a quick pit stop on the Fright Fest road to Nasty Town. I just had to post this because, A) I’ve always wanted to be on the front page of Yahoo! sporting a pair of crazy eyes, and B) The front page of Yahoo! is actually pretty darn cool. It’s also led to some predictably absurd comments, all of which you can read after watching the short interview segments that I taped with Trending Now right here

Now, let me just say, I’m glad that Yahoo! didn’t make the whole segment about my “childlessness” like some other media did, but I was a little put off when the host asked me about my cats - not because I’m not happy to acknowledge them, but because the picture Yahoo! ran in the video is a pic I uploaded on Sunday during brunch at a restaurant. You see, a neighboring cat suddenly popped up at our table, and I thought it was funny, so I took a picture. Then that picture turned into Yahoo! asking me about my cats and showing that image as though the cat is mine (which it’s not). The media sure are funny, y’all. That’s all I can say about that. Oh, and to all the people in the comments who are saying stuff like this:

…I live with my boyfriend, and we just don’t have kids right now because we don’t want kids right now. I know there’s no reason I should feel the need to clarify this, but since some people might be discovering the blog today, I figured I would. You can still call me a cat-loving, ugly, crazy-eyed hag if you want to. Just not “single,” since that part’s not true. Oh yeah, and I don’t hate proud parents, either, but that part is obvious so let’s just forget I ever said anything.

For the record, though, it is incredibly strange that so many people focus on the author of a blog when that blog is labeled “controversial” by various media. I’m pretty unaffected by the comments (especially since I anticipated them for the last three and a half years) — but this is our society, you guys, in a nutshell:

I am a single, cat-crazed, haggard, disproportionately-faced, snobby, bossy bitch with a great rack. (BRB, gonna go update my LinkedIn page.) I just wanted to post these here because I think it’s pretty sad that, rather than hate on the content of the blog, people choose to hate on my face, my hair, my “haggardness” (I have been pretty tired lately!). I’m not saying this as a person who is offended by these specific comments; I’m mentioning them because it’s so weird and fucked up that as a people we refuse to talk about the heart of virtually ANY subject without tossing in some useless, petty insults. What does my being a ‘haggard, big-boobed bitch’ have to do with this blog? I’ll tell you: Nothing.

And now for my favorite exchange on the Yahoo! page:

Haha. Thank you, Sensational. I may just name my next cat after you.

cat smiley

**More vile Fright Fest posts coming up in a bit!**

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