A Brief Pause

Sorry for the *pause* in posts, but this week went from nerve-wracking and a little exciting (for me) to completely insane. I hadn’t posted about it before, but the New York Post (a daily paper/”rag”) did a story about me and the blog and scheduled it to run the same day as Ricki Lake. The reporter (a fan of the blog, despite some of the story!) and a photographer came to my apartment, and I was told there would be some sort of “spread” when it came out. But I had NO idea that my face was going to jump out at me like you can see above, or that the title/story would be so salacious. And let me tell you something: It was like a dream come true. 

Being the focus of, essentially, a tabloid story is all that a small town gal from Atlanta, GA could ever hope for, especially one who has a *mild* obsession with the original Beverly Hills, 90210 series and remembers a little episode called "The Back Story." In this episode, Brenda meets with a tabloid-TV reporter who promises her a clean story, but by the time it’s edited her story has been brutally twisted. Well, in my own small way, I achieved Back Story success in the Post, which I found extremely amusing.

That said, the best thing about being in the Post is that other outlets pick up the stories, so before I could say “defamation,” the Daily Mail had posted something, too.

Vicious! This was sort of taking things to a new level. The “Daily Fail” is a total rite of passage, especially since they kind of make me out to sound like a scathing bitch. Which, I guess is arguable, but one thing I do want to say is that no one just “handed” me a book deal. I worked for several months on the proposal, and writing the book was at times more unpleasant than sifting through piles of submissions like this: 

If you’ve ever wondered if you overshare, look no further than this picture. This is a good example of someone who has completely lost her mind.

Anyway, so after the Daily Mail ran their story, Good Morning America ran a segment on the Friday edition that can be seen right here. It’s really good - but more than that, it’s utterly terrifying. Regular readers will be as shocked to see the submissions they chose to show as I was delighted. How crazy is it that because of a wacky idea I had back in 2009, there is now a picture of a child with poop stuck to his head on GMA? It’s incredible, really. (Possibly incredibly disturbing.)

Finally, (and before I put up a new post for real on Monday), this leads to one more big press announcement, and that is that I’ll be going on The TODAY Show this Monday, October 8th during the 8AM hour (EST)!!! I’m both excited and nervous to be on the show, and I hope you’ll all watch or record it! (I’ll be sure to put up video, too, because hey, it’s The TODAY Show.)

I promise you’re not going to continue to see my face every time you come to this site; it’s just a temporary thing right now that’s a combination of amazing and bizarre. But next week I’ll be back to business as usual, and then the following week marks the beginning of Fright Fest! (FYI guys, that “turd in the potty” ain’t got shit on Fright Fest this year.)

In the meantime, stay tuned! And thanks for bearing with me as I navigate this short explosion of blog-related press. I’ll be posting the companion post to my Mommyish column from last week on Monday, but please feel free to head over to Mommyish to read it now! 

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