Mom’s Gold Star

Oh, SNAP. Preach it, Dawn! Way to lay down the law. Of course, since only one person showed this ridiculous concern, it may not have been entirely necessary to write out a whole defensive update, but I can appreciate the reasoning behind it. After all, nobody wants to be asked if she’s unhappy with her life for such a dumb reason, and especially not more than once. Plus, how many people have felt like Dawn at some point? Probably thousands. Just as people get tired of being asked, “When are you going to have a baby?!” in the real world, the same can be said of the online world regarding questions about happiness. 

Not everyone writes long, syrupy poems to their loved ones on social media, or posts dozens of photos of every family outing, and it doesn’t mean they enjoy their lives any less than the people who do. But what really blows is when people like Dawn are prodded about their happiness just because they don’t do what’s “expected,” which has in recent years been defined as “posting a ton of personal shit on Facebook.” It’s pretty stupid to assume that a person hates her life just because she’s not proving how much she loves it on the Internet. And that is why Dawn wins this week’s Gold Star. She’s happy to remain more private than most of her friends, but she’s not afraid to step up and say, “Yes, I’m happy with my life, so don’t ask!” when the time calls for it. Go on with your bad self, Dawn. 

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