Tease & Reveal: Diaper Bomb Edition

I was thinking about Fright Fest earlier (coming up in a few weeks* on the blog!), and how one of the best (only?) good things to have come out of that month of crazy was the inspiration for the Tease & Reveal post format. I get a wonderfully sadistic kick out of making you readers ask yourselves whether you really want to see what’s behind Door Number 2 — and besides, surprises are always fun, even if there’s shit involved. Not especially when there’s shit involved, but I think we can all appreciate a good surprise, right? Even one that makes you whisper, "…the fuck?!?" out loud while slowly shaking your head? Great. So without wasting anymore time, let’s see what the folks in the above submission are talking about! 

But wait!

First drop that bagel/cookie/sandwich/pierogi you’re snacking on, and try to focus on happy thoughts

6pJCrH on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

There are traces of poostache here, but thankfully no water element. More like, as Samantha accurately put it, a diaper bomb went off all over this kid’s face and body. And hey, as a parent this shit will happen. We know this. But does it really need to be photographed and uploaded to Facebook like a midday poo-gram, waiting to greet Sarah’s friends with all the charm of a…baby covered in explosive diarrhea? I feel truly blessed for not receiving a larger version of this picture from the submitter. During Fright Fest, we may not always be so lucky.

  doden smiley

*Note: This year, Fright Fest starts on October 15th.

(submitted by Anonymous)

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