Anatomy of an Oversharer

It’s been a very lite week of blogging for me, probably the lightest ever, which makes me so sad that I could just cry, but I promise that next week will be different. Next week will be a shimmering fairyland of angry parents, sanctimommies, and even a disgusting Tease & Reveal because THAT is how much I owe you guys for being so absent. Hell, I owe it to myself to go balls-out with posts next week, if only because I feel a hole in my heart when I don’t measure up to my typical blogging form.

In the meantime, please check out my column on Mommyish this week about oversharing about labor and delivery. I know we fully covered this territory on the blog on Monday, but I didn’t get a chance to link to the Mommyish post, so I hope you guys will still give it a whirl. To really drive home the point, and to showcase just how quickly status updates can devolve after a woman goes into labor and has a baby, I’ve compiled a series of (small) screenshots written by a gal named Andi. Andi promptly updated her friends when she was dilating and going into labor, and then POOF! A healthy, precious baby made her entrance into this world, and Andi’s updates went straight to Nastytown. Read on to get a sense of what many people seem to experience after a friend has a baby. Those last nine months of baby cookin’ were all leading up to this…







CHOCOLATE STARFISH. She massaged her chocolate starfish by rubbing her gassy butthole

Andi has officially been voted off the island

Don’t forget to check out my column, 4 Things You Shouldn’t Post On Facebook About Your Labor, over on Mommyish! 

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