Labor Memories: A Facebook Story

Since receiving this submission last year, it’s become apparent to me that there’s a trend of joking about “labor” on Labor Day. I don’t know exactly why this is, because there’s also a very handy holiday called Mother’s Day that celebrates all mothers (and not just the ones who went through labor), but for some reason people think it’s clever and sweet. You know, labor/labor… It’s wordplay! 

So it’s in that same spirit that I present this post (and the next post). That and the fact that some people really enjoy communicating the intimate details of their labor, and I won’t deny them this simple wish. Let’s begin by tracing back the hours of labor and delivery with Kate, who remembers giving birth like it was just yesterday, when in reality it’s been four whole months. Something tells me Kate, Lindsay, and Stephanie would get along fabulously.




No need to proofread. Storytelling isn’t about being perfect; it’s about being in the moment!








I have to wonder if Kate is going to continue to relive her children’s arrivals every month. She almost sounds surprised in the tenth update. “4 months! Wow!” Yep, believe it or not, those babies keep on growing and changing. It’s kinda what babies do best! Crazy, but perhaps not warranting a full monthly recap on Facebook.

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