P.O.B. - “No Kids Allowed” Edition

We all know that kids are a part of our community and should be treated with respect and fairness. Discrimination against children is a heinous crime, especially when it involves three little words: No Kids Allowed. Saying “no kids allowed” is the rule equivalent of slapping parents in the face. It’s commonly accepted by people, even people who disagree with it, because oh, wahhh, we have to let the couple who’s getting married have their wittle way. Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So-To-Be are assclowns who don’t want children at their wedding because children are “loud” and “messy” and “they can’t afford to have kids at the reception” and blah blah blah, and then what happens? The couple send out invitations that say “Please come to our wedding but leave your treasure of a baby at home because we are spoiled tyrants who condemn children and won’t have them at our fancy party.”  And then everyone just nods and smiles and checks the box that says “Yes, I accept your total disregard of my extremely awesome child" and doesn’t say anything about it, even though it is blatant discrimination. And the couple basically get away with slapping their friends right across the face. 

I mean think about it: You’re supposed to get your friends a gift in exchange for attending their wedding (or even just being invited to it), but somehow they’re not responsible for paying for your babysitter? How the hell does that work? It’d only be logical. OR, they could just rent an extra tent, a bounce house, some chaperones, and maybe set up a little “bartender” station with organic fruit smoothies (now how cute would that be?) near the reception so that moms and dads wouldn’t have to be far away from their little ones. Sure, it’d still be exclusionary as all hell, but it would be a start. As it is now, people get away with this “No Kids Allowed” policy far too much, and it’s doing real damage. Families are becoming divided. Cousins are missing out on registry goods from Pier 1 Imports. And all the while, everyone acts as if “No Kids Allowed” is perfectly normal. Well, it’s not. Just ask Nicolle and her friends.

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