A Little Acknowledgement, People

It’s been said before many times in this space that all that parents want for their children and for their own parenting efforts is a little bit of acknowledgement. A pat on the head, a big, shiny trophy, perhaps a gift card to Chili’s or Carrabas. All of these things would be great showings of respect, but do parents or their children ever get so much as a smile from strangers or grumpy cafe workers or carpet salespeople? No, they don’t. Not even on Easter.

People are absolute jerks who don’t care about you or your baby, and they don’t even try feigning interest like in the olden days. Today, everyone has their face stuck in their phone or their latte or their portable TV. They only notice adorable children when their legs get bruised by a kid’s Razor scooter, and even then they don’t smile at the child and give him a few bucks to go buy some ice cream. The world outside our windows is brutal. But finally, after years of feeling shafted, parents are speaking out on Facebook. I think it’s safe to say that a little acknowledgement is long overdue.

HA HA HA, don’t you worry, Carolyn. Richelle still judged the shit out of that total stranger because her baby wasn’t on the boob, and that was just the tip of the iceberg as far as that nasty woman is concerned! I mean hello, there’s a new baby in this woman’s presence named SUNNY who deserves to be treated like a human fucking being. She’s not a half-person. She’s not invisible. She’s a new edition to this world and SHE’S BEAUTIFUL LIKE HER SISTER, THANKS!

You know who always seems like the type of person I want to help out? A frustrated, exhausted, overtired mom. Whenever I see one, there’s this really groovy vibe in the air that can best be described as “visceral hostility,” and it just pulls me right in. The grouchier she looks, and the more she struggles to negotiate with her kids, the more inclined I am to speak to her, never once fearing that she might tell me to mind my own goddamn business because she is doing JUST FINE without my help.

If only chivalry wasn’t dead and people actually paid attention to one another instead of just floating through life in their own little bubbles. Offer to lend a hand, or even a “Like” on Facebook. It’s as though people have no sense of decency anymore.

Seriously you guys, Cassandra might leave the group. Strong words, yes, but sadly that’s what it’s come down to after repeated weeks of her adorable baby Noah not winning “most adorable.” So what, he’s adorable, but he can’t ever be MOST adorable? What kind of bullshit is that? Why be part of a group that discriminates so blatantly against cute babies?  Do people not understand that every baby deserves to be a star? 

Okay, that’s it! NEW RULE: Every time a baby goes ignored, a mother receives a lovely complementary [sic] massage. And a free tire rotation. And a push present.

I hope you guys are taking notes.


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