Current Events: CO Shooting Edition

Before I post a few of the MANY submissions I’ve received about the terrible/crazy events that took place in Colorado, I want to say that I didn’t read about the incident yesterday and think, “Well, shit, I hope people send in some good submissions!” I hadn’t really planned to post on it, especially since I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this from last year, but since I’ve gotten so many submissions, I figured I’d put up the ones that I felt were worth commenting on. These are the social media lessons I’ve gleaned based on what I’ve read (and also based on this, this, and this):

1. Focus On One Update At A Time

Kristan’s thoughts may well be with the people and families of those involved in the shooting, but they’re also fixated on finding a few parents who’d like to meet up at the circus. To put it formally, I’m starting to doubt Kristan’s commitment to Sparkle Motion. Facebook isn’t a newswire. If you want to share a few things in a single update, try to keep those things somewhat related. Or, not related to death. Particularly tragic shootings at movie theaters, but any kind of death is kind of weird to throw into a status update with other, less serious musings. Here, I’ll show you a couple of other examples:

Boooo, Uncle Bob. But YAY, LOGAN

See what I mean by sticking to one update at a time? Otherwise people’s comments are like Jenny’s and Michelle’s. “RIP, so sorry for your loss. Your aunt was a great woman and is now playing foosball with the Lord in Heaven. What time is the little stinker’s birthday party and should I bring some yummy treats?!” 

Next time a mentally imbalanced person decides to terrorize a bunch of theater goers, I recommend not discussing it in tandem with “little nuggets” going to the circus. It’s in poor taste. Also don’t go to circuses that have animals in them or you’re an ass. 

2. Focus On What’s Relevant

I don’t know what Brandi is talking about when she says “kids and infants being killed last night,” because as far as I know no kids or infants were killed [Ed. correction: A six-year-old was killed], but regardless, there’s a time and a place to scold parents for being kind of shitty, and just after a shooting is not that time. Yes, these morons (seriously, read the article, these people sound like morons) took their kids to a late night showing of an extremely loud and violent movie, and yes, I’ve harped on that kind of thing myself, but that’s beside the point right now. Focus on the facts and the gravity of what’s important, like the loss of life and the impact a single person with access to elite weaponry can have on a community. If you want to talk shit about parents who bring their young children to late night screenings of action movies, do it off Facebook. Victim blaming is pointless.

3. Focus On The Positive (and risk sounding like a douche)

lol = nervous laughter because Jessica just made a truly ass backwards joke that compared the joy of getting a television channel back with the grief of a mass murder in a movie theater. The joke wasn’t successfully pulled off, but hey, who cares now that the channel parents love to hate is BACK!!! NICK JR. IS BACK HOORAY IT’S BACK!!!

Word to the wise: Don’t mix the tragedy of human loss with the tragedy of going a week without Viacom. Let’s try to keep some stuff in perspective. 

(submitted by Anonymous)

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