When I first read this submission, I felt sure that it must be fake. FAKE. MUST BE FAKE. But then I read the submitter’s email, which said:

"Red (husband) & purple (wife) split up for a few months last summer & since getting back together they post lovey shit on Facebook rather than texts or face to face like normal people. But this post was off the charts. They have a 2-year-old and are apparently trying for another but no one needs to know you’re "raw doggin it trying to expand the family.” I actually gagged reading that.” 

That’s when I knew this thread was real, and yet another mindless speck of idiocy in this crazy, mixed-up world. And that’s when I gagged a little myself, because the unironic deployment of “raw doggin” is so underused, and for a reason, that reading it made me think of an awkward montage of images like this, this, this, and this. And then I felt relief for not knowing these people. 


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(submitted by Anonymous)

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