Father’s Day 2012: Deadbeat Dads Round-Up!

Last year, I posted a Dads Who Suck Marathon, because as we’ve seen many times on the blog, some dads suck. And some moms just can’t keep that information to themselves, so they take to Facebook, armed with insults and sarcastic smiley faces and secrets and they post about how much their child(ren)’s father sucks in the hopes that they come off looking - or at least feeling - empowered. Sometimes that strategy works, but most of the time it just makes moms look angry and sad and it kind of ruins the sentiment of Father’s Day.

I mean, sure, it’s shitty when the man a woman procreated with is a bad father, and yes raising a child as a single parent is probably one of the hardest things a person can do. But bitching openly about family stuff on Facebook on a day that’s meant to celebrate the good dads out there is a pretty low blow. This Father’s Day, let’s take stock of all the awesome people in our lives and try to stop dwelling on the ones who suck ass, OK? Until then, these women have a thing or two on their minds:

1. lol smiley face

A smiley face always caps off an insult with just the right amount of sass. It’s like K. is saying, “Don’t think I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself, because I’m NOT. I am SMILING, motherfucker. Laughing, in fact. So enjoy Father’s Day, douchebag! :)”

2. #1 Dead Beat Dad

It’s quite an honor to be the #1 Deadbeat Dad. Jason must have worked hard to achieve that title. Nobody said it would be easy to compete with decent men like PawPaw and Uncle Bubba.

3. People Answering Themselves

I feel for this woman and her daughter, but honestly, keep it offline. This isn’t one of those, “Let’s not talk about people who are starving because it makes me lose my appetite” type things. I’m not uncomfortable reading this because I grew up with a great dad and can’t relate to it. I’m uncomfortable because it’s private family business being shared on a site where people regularly upload pictures of themselves eating pizza or drinking on the beach. It’s not exactly meant to be a therapy outlet. Orange should consider expressing these thoughts to people she trusts — off the internet.

4. Slogans

Hahaha, let’s turn our children into human billboards ‘cause it’s funny! Kate’s son’s daddy SUCKS and she’s found a real clever way to highlight that fact on Facebook. Very DIY. Nothing like a good craft project for the kiddos to take part in.

5. Single Moms

I see a lot of women posting about the hard work of a single mom on Father’s Day, but I guess I just don’t see the point. We only celebrated Mother’s Day a little over a month ago; wasn’t that the day to celebrate a mother’s hard work, including single moms? Am I alone in thinking this, or is the consensus that it makes sense to post the deadbeat dads/single moms spiel on Father’s Day?

6. The Other Side Of The Coin

Yikes. Evidently not all mothers are great parents, either, and not all fathers know how to keep their mouths shut on Father’s Day. After all, it is their day. If they want to post a crazy, hostile rant about how much they hate their kids’ mothers, so be it! That’s how much Mel cares about his son! By trashing his kid’s mother on Facebook for the whole world to see, Mel is proving even further how much loves his fckn son. I hope that little Aidan appreciates it. 

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