Hello to Amber’s dearest of friends and companies that she has made appointments with or will make an appointment with in the future,

It is with great pleasure that Amber announces that she is no longer going to be treated like some kind of doormat who welcomes people wiping their feet, unannounced, during hours otherwise reserved for family time. A mother’s hours are 5:30am - 3:30pm; how hard is that to understand? Why should it be difficult to comply within that standard set of guidelines? Communication doesn’t just start when a person or company says “Now.” It starts when a person or company stops, looks at her/its watch, and says, “Oh, shit, Amber is a mom and a wife first, so she probably won’t be available to take my call now because it’s after 4pm on a Tuesday.” If you are a friend of Amber’s or a company she’s made appointments with and you continue to insist on contacting Amber outside of her business hours (*ahem* the mechanic on Hawthorne Avenue and the Lens Crafters on Second Street!!!) then SORRY but Amber can’t change the fact that she cares about her kids and wants to hear about their there day etc. ect.

Just as it’s important to acknowledge that kids are a part of our community, it’s important to take respect Amber’s militant stance against appointments and correspondence after 3:30pm during the week. That may be a tough pill to swallow, but you know what? We all make sacrifices. And some sacrifices are greater than others. Want to talk to Amber? Great. She’d love to hear from you. Just give her a call at a reasonable hour, like 6:15am, and she’ll be happy to chat.

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