Tease & Reveal: Snake Edition

It’s been a couple months since the last tease & reveal, so I figured why not share another horrific gem with you fine readers? As you can imagine based on the above thread, there is poop involved. And yes, it closely resembles an “elongate, legless, carnivorous reptile of the suborder Serpentes.” But what especially amuses me is the way Randi confirms that - well, this is TMI, but yes, it is in fact poop - because what the hell else would this picture be of?


I made this green cobra gif to try to offset the possibly-fanged turd sitting in the toilet, but something tells me you guys might not appreciate my artistic merits. I mean, it’s still shit, resembling a long snake, sitting in the basin of a porcelain bowl. Why anyone would post this on the internet is beyond me, but even more beyond me is Randi’s use of the word “TMI.” Oh really, Randi, is it TMI to admit that this is a picture of your kid’s foot-long poop? Or, is it just TMI to post a picture of it - much less discuss it - in the first place?!?

Sara sounds genuinely frightened — as am I. Frightened of people like Randi. 

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