A Google search for “Kostek” didn’t turn up many results, but there are a few sites that claim the name is of Latin origin and means "steadfast." Obviously being “resolute” is a quality Amber admires, considering she’s so determined not to have a life outside of her child. And yay for her - she’s succeeding in her goal! She’s already managed to go seven months without being away from her son for “even a second,” which is more than most people can say.

If parents could earn badges by practicing attachment parenting the way one might in the Girl Scouts, Amber’s vest would be covered in achievements! Especially since it sounds like she doesn’t really know when she and her husband will “go out to dinner or something.” She knows the day is coming, but boy does she dread it. Why bother spending time with your partner - or anyone, for that matter - without your baby in tow? I mean, if all you’re going to do is think about the baby and talk about the baby and feverishly check in on the baby, why not just take the baby everywhereMakes sense to me! Who needs an identity outside of parenthood? Not Amber! She can’t imagine leaving her little one’s side like some kind of half-assed “mom.”

Stephanie may sound a bit like a moron due to her unfortunate spelling skillz, but she knows what she’s talking about. And she thinks Courtnie is full of baby shit for acting like the best mothers in the world never take time for themselves. Sure, it’s uncool to expect other people to raise your kid for you, but that’s pretty different from just going out without your children every once and a while. Plus, what is it with women named Amber acting sanctimonious about motherhood? Ambers of the world, get over it! And women and mothers everywhere, it’s okay to be apart from your children! Lots of people do it! You can even take vacations alone or with your partner without your kids around - really. In most parts of the world, they don’t even stone women to death for that type of thing anymore. Crazy, but true!

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