Birthday Week ‘12: Party Planning Pt. IV - Presents

Finally, we’ve arrived at the last Birthday Week post, and it’s all about - what else? - presents! Presents make the world go ‘round, and you can never, ever have enough! Even little kids who are more interested in boxes, dirt, and bubble wrap enjoy being surrounded by gifts! Birthday wishes and family and friends are great and everything, but they can’t possibly compare to what really matters - loot

1. Bloody Spoilt Child

He’s bloody spoilt alright, but hey, he’s really going to enjoy all of that stuff! Look, he’s already playing with one of his presents now! Oh wait. That’s a balloon. 

2. Just Saying

Is Megan exclaiming that she can’t believe there are only 34 more days until her baby turns two, or is she letting everyone else know that THERE ARE ONLY 34 MORE DAYS UNTIL HER BABY TURNS TWO? Aunts and uncles, you should get on that! PS: Megan’s toddler loves playing Mario Party 9 on the Wii! If you love her you’ll get it for her! Just saying!

3. Raiden

I told you guys that baby Raiden would be making another guest appearance on the blog soon, and here he is, in all of his laser-eyed glory! And a Great Wall Of Presents! Just think about all of the crap toys that Raiden has been blessed with in his first months of life! Here, the caption reads, “Wow @ all the gifts from his 1st Birthday.” WOW, indeed. Thanks for laying out and stacking up, Mary. I’m sure your friends are very impressed, yet again! Raiden’s Elmo collection is to die for

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