Birthday Week: Celebrations Pt. II

Continuing with the idea that parents celebrate their babies’ birthdays way too often (and with way too many photos and Facebook updates, all under the guise that they’re “for family” so no one can be like, “Dude, for real? He’s 14 days old.”), I wanted to share with you a series of updates about a couple that’s been celebrating their new baby’s “birthday” for the past five weeks. Two of the images are a little small, and can’t be enlarged in this format, but they are viewable by clicking the links next to the week. 

I present to you - Paxton and His First Five Weeks Of Life Birthdays:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4 - (Click here and here to enlarge images):

Week 5:

Thirty-five days. Five weeks. Five miniature birthday cakes with candles while Paxton snoozes in his mother’s arms. 129 Facebook photos. Brittany is truly on a roll here!

(submitted by Anonymous)

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