Easter ‘12 - People Are Assholes

People are SO rude. When you don’t want them talking to or touching your children, they are ALWAYS talking to them and touching them and saying things like, “Well aren’t you cute!” and “Your mommy sure got lucky with you!” GRRR, why are people always doing that?! And *THEN*, when you DO want people to talk to your kids and let them know that kids are important little humans who deserve attention and love and the ability to communicate with people in their community about EASTER of all things, suddenly they ignore your children like they’re lepers or something! Like they don’t celebrate Easter! Or like they don’t enjoy engaging with children because they’re in a bad mood or something! People SUCK. 

Seriously, there should be pamphlets handed out to the jerks who crush children’s spirits letting them know how to behave around children. It’s common knowledge that if a child says, “Happy Easter!” you are to SMILE and say, “Thank you!” in return (and maybe buy the child a small gift like a balloon if there happens to be one nearby). There is no other choice. I don’t CARE if you speak another language or if you’re at Kohl’s picking up some last minute items for a Passover seder - SAY THANK YOU. A child’s spirit is the most treasured gift we as citizens of the planet have to harness and foster. The next time you go to Kohl’s, ask yourself in the parking lot before you go inside if you’re prepared to chat politely with children. Because if you’re not, and your only intention is to silently shop without speaking to anyone - even a darling child who is being sweet as a peach pie - then you should just turn around and GO HOME. Don’t ruin a child’s day just because you think you can get away with it. The parents of the world won’t let you!!

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